NeoScope 3D™

Neoscope 3D™ – Single Use Digital Video 3D Endoscope – (Rigid/ Flexible) *

The Digital Video 3D Endoscope design incorporates Two CMOS imaging sensor and built-in LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) at the distal end, connecting wires along the length of the hollow tubular structure and a USB / HD Connector at the proximal end. The distal end of the 3D Endoscope containing two CMOS sensors and LEDs is protected by sealed, clear optical window. The distal end and proximal end of the 3D Endoscope are sealed to prevent any fluid passageway within NeoScope 3D Endoscope.

NeoScope flex -3D, Flexible Video Endoscopic device is designed with Articulating / Deflecting Distal tip Controlled by lever mechanism in the handle.

The Single Use, NeoScope 3D – Rigid and Flexible models are provided sterile for use by physician. The Rigid & Flexible NeoScope 3D models are available as (a) NeoScope 3D – Rigid video Endoscope device (b) The Single use NeoScope flex3D – Flexible Endoscope with Articulating / Deflecting tip capability. The Neoscope flex 3D flexible endoscope is designed to provide ninety (90) degree deflection & field of view. The Neoscope 3D endoscopes can be easily and quickly connected to 3D Laptop / Tablet computer using Video Module & USB 2.0 /3.0 connecting cable, or 3D Monitor / TV with HD / S-Video Connecting cables.

The NeoScope 3D System is designed by incorporating the two CMOS Imaging sensor ( Resolution 400 x400 pixels ) and microprocessor at the tip of the endoscope to acquire and process the video images of the target site. The bright, Micro LEDs with advance design are assembled surrounding the CMOS imaging sensor to illuminate the target site, thus eliminating the need for large, bulky Halogen Light source. Additionally, the use of 3D laptop computer to power the Digital Video Endoscope , makes the NeoScope 3D family of products truly portable and Easy to use. The endoscopic procedure in still or video format can be recorded in Real-Time, which can be edited, stored, transmitted, converted or formatted in Quick Time, Windows Media player, iTunes and You tube video files.

The NeoScope 3D Digital Video endoscope System provides an affordable option for physicians and patients, without incurring significant Capital Investment. The potential risk of cross contamination / infections and Cleaning / Processing cost commonly associated with Reusable endoscopes can also be minimized.

The NeoScope System represent a next generation of Endoscopy.. An Affordable Digital Video Endoscopy.. which not only integrates advance technology of CMOS based imaging , LED powered lighting, video processing with Mobil Computers & Software, but also to make it truly affordable for physicians and patients all over the world. The NeoScope 3D System has a potential to help millions of men and women in remote area of the world, who can not afford capital intensive, video monitoring system and endoscopes based on forty year old technology of rod lens or fiber optics imaging systems, costing several thousands of dollars.

* NeoScope 3D family of products are Cleared by US FDA for marketing.

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