NeoFlex- Flexible, Single Use UreteroScope™

Single Use, Video Ureteroscope ( Flexible) – 9.0 Fr, w/ 3.6 Fr working channel & Articulating tip ( 270 Degree angle deflection in both direction) with Built-in LED Light Source for use with HD Video Monitor. or Laptop / Tablet Computer.

The NeoFlex – Flexible Ureteroscope Video Ureteroscope System consists of Single Use, Flexible Video Ureteroscope with USB Connecting Cable for use with Video Processing Module ( VPU 5). The Flexible Video Ureteroscope is designed with Built-in Light Source and USB interface which can be connected to any commercially available HD compatible Video Monitors (2). The Flexible Ureteroscope can also be connected to commercially available Laptop / Tablet computers using Neoscope Video Link Module ( NVL)

The Single use, NeoFlex- Flexible Ureteroscope is available in 9.0 Fr Outer diameter with 3.6 Fr working Channel and Articulating Tip ( 270 Degree angle Deflection in both directions) The, affordable NeoFlex- Flexible -Ureteroscope can be used for Diagnostic / Operating procedures, in Ureter,, Kidney , using Laser fiber optics and other surgical accessories.

The NeoFlex- Flexible Ureteroscope is designed by incorporating the CMOS Imaging sensor ( Resolution 400 x400 pixels ) at the distal tip of the Ureteroscope, to acquire the video images of the target site .The bright, Micro LEDs Light source is incorporated in the handle to illuminate the target site, thus eliminating the need for large, bulky Halogen Light source. The Video Processing Module (VPU) is designed to power the Flexible Ureteroscope, Process / Enhance the Video signals and to provide dual HDMI video output to Video Monitors for simultaneous viewing by Physician and Patient. The Video Processing Module (VPU) has capability of recording / storage of “ Real Time” still and video clips on SD card of endoscopic procedure.

The Single use, NeoFlex— Flexible Ureteroscope is provided sterile to Physician. The Neoflex Flexible Ureteroscope provides an affordable option for physicians and patients, without incurring significant Capital Investment. The potential risk of cross contamination / infections and cleaning / Re- processing cost commonly associated with Reusable endoscopes can be minimized with use of NeoFlex- Flexible Ureteroscope Video System.

The Single Use, NeoFlex- Flexible Ureteroscope represent a next generation of Endoscopy. A portable Video Endoscopy, which not only integrates advance technology of CMOS based imaging , LED powered lighting, video processing with Computers & Software. It is truly an affordable option for physicians and patients all over the world. The NeoFlex- -Flexible Ureteroscope video System has a potential to help millions of men and women in remote area of the world, who can not afford capital intensive, Diagnostic / Therapeutic Endoscopic Tower System.

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