Neo – Arthroscope™ Starter Package

Turn-key, Office Arthroscopy System
Affordable Starter Package – Only $1495.00

  • Single use, Family of Neo- Arthroscope 1.8 mm & 4.0 mm Diameter
  • with / zero. Degree, 15 Degree & 30 Degree Angle of View.
  • Video Link Module ( Model NVL) with Light & White Balance Controls.
  • 10.0 Inch HI-Resolution Windows based Tablet Computer w/ Battery
  • Fully Adjustable Rotating Metal Stand for Tablet / Laptop Computer.
  • Turn-Key Arthroscopy System w / 400 x 400 Pixel Image Resolution
  • Plug & Play, Sterile, Single Use, Arthroscopes for in- Office Dx & Tx.



The Single Use, Neo-Arthroscope represents the next generation of Arthroscopy.

A portable, Digital Video Arthroscope for Office Tx, an ideal option for Physician’s office








The Neoscope Video Link Module (NVL)

Provides an affordable option for Video Processing for use with Tablet & Laptop Computer for excellent Video Quality Image Resolution. The Portable, Neo- Arthroscopic System is ideal for physician’s office for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Tx, using an injection of Tx agents during Endoscopic Treatment.